When: Monday, February 2nd, 7.07 am  
Where: Woodstock Square click for map

The main event for Groundhog Day is the annual prognostication at 7 am, February 2nd.

Hundreds will brave the weather and gather on the Woodstock Square to see Woodstock Willie emerge from his tree trunk home. If he sees his shadow, it means there will be 6 more weeks of winter and if he doesn’t see his shadow, it means we will have an early Spring.

To wake Woodstock Willie from his winter nap, there will be a Polka band playing in the bandstand on the Square.

This is our re-enactment of the Groundhog Day ceremony that as a weatherman, Bill Murray reported on; over and over again. That scene from the movie was filmed right here on the Woodstock Square.

This event is free but be sure to dress for the weather.