Danny Rubin who wrote the script for the movie Groundhog Day will be a special guest at this year's festivities in Woodstock, IL.  He will be making the rounds and participating in many of the weekend events beginning with the annual dinner / dance at the Woodstock Moose Friday night.

Saturday morning at 10 there will be a free showing of the movie ' Groundhog Day' in the Woodstock Theater.  Before the movie Rubin will address the audience.  Saturday afternoon he will join the Walking Tour to some of the film sites around town and add his own stories from the filming in 1992.  The tour kicks off at 1:30 in front of the Woodstock Opera House.  Saturday afternoon at 3:30 Danny Rubin will participate in the Mitch Olsen's Groundhog Day Symposium to be be held this year at the Pour House on Main Street.  Come and hear his talk on how to write "Groundhog Day"

Rubin received the British Academy Award for Best Screenplay and the Critic's Circle Award for Screenwriter of the Year, as well as honors from the Writer's Guild of America and the American Film Institute.

Rubin has taught screenwriting in Chicago at the University of Illinois, Columbia College, at the Sundance Institute in Utah, the PAL Screenwriting Lab in England and the College of Santa Fe in New Mexico.  He is currently the Briggs-Copeland Lecturer on Screenwriting at Harvard University.



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