When: Saturday, January 31st - 3:30 pm  
Where: Main Street PourHouse, 214 Main St., Woodstock click for map

Each year as part of our celebration of Woodstock, IL's Groundhog Day festivities, we also celebrate another anniversary of the filming of the movie Groundhog Day. 

We offer a movie symposium where fans of the movie can gather to discuss facts, trivia, insights, topics, and issues relevant to the movie. This more in-depth forum takes place following the Saturday walking tour at the Main Street Pourhouse.

Previous topics have included the philosophy and themes that support the plot of the movie, its music, out takes, continuity problems, and insider information from guest celebrities that visit and attend the symposium.

The host for the Symposium is an educator and film enthusiast, Dr. Mitchell Olson. You'll be sure to learn something new, see plenty of clips from the movie, and take part in the interesting, lively, and probing discussion. There are always prizes awarded to each attendee that participates. Don't miss it!